Monday, August 29, 2005

Well, what do you know, I got my first comment !!! And he's cutting right to the chase : What exactly is going to happen with Kwak in the future ?

Well, let me just briefly recapitulate on what has happend in the very recent past :
As I said before, Kwak was nominated Unicef Ambassador for the rights of children. This makes me prouder, than I can actually say. As far as I know , this is the first time, that an honor and office like this is put on the shoulders of a cartoon-character. If I'm wrong, please correct me...

What you see above is an illustration I did for the so called "School in a Box ", a campaign to restore and build schools in Sri Lanka after the desastrous tsunami last year.
But the first illustration I ever did for Unicef was - sadly enough- the little epitaph after Peter Ustinov's death, which also became the dedication for the second Kwak- book "Abgemacht ist abgemacht", also initiated by Unicef and dealing with the rights of children and howmuch they are shamefully neglected by world politics.

The first one, "Lachen Verboten " was published in connection to Herman's latest Kwak-Stage-Show about the HIV-issue in Africa.
For next year, we are planning a very big Kwak-Stage event in Linz in collaboration with "Klangwolke", so keep your eyes open for that. There will be another book coming along with that, most propably.

Just a couple of weeks ago , we celebrated a great evening in Essen's Philharmonie , "Herman van Veen and Friends" in favor of the planned "Alfred Jodocus Kwak-House" in Goch, close to the Dutch border. Amongst the guests were Klaus Hoffmann, Heinz Rudolph Kunze, Zap, Harry Sacksioni and Reinhard Mey, which was a great pleasure for me, because Klaus, Herman and Reinhard, that was the diet that I grew up with, "Wie vor Jahr und Tag" actually was the very first record , I ever owned. Funny how life goes, sometimes. I am very thankful for this little capriole of life. If you would go back in time and ask the 15 year old Harald in whose company, he would like to spend an evening, it would have been exactly the same group of people. Inspite of terrible backproblems I enjoyed myself " like a Schneekönig" that night, and it was a long night....

Lets talk a little bit about the Kwak-house as well : The municipality of Goch provided us with a plot of land to build the Alfred Jodocus Kwak House, or as Herman says : its not a house , its .....different ....
It will be a place for children in need, children for example, who have no chance to go a holiday with their parents, maybe because they are sick, or poor or what reason ever, there will be doctors, therapists, entertainers and if everything goes well, also a delfinarium in a little Kwak-Theme-Park.
I will post a link soon, so you can find out everything you need and want to know about it.

Last but not least : I'm busy doing a new Comicstrip."Alfred Jodocus Kwak -Junior", I'm working on the layout at the moment , but we are not going to stop there, the comicbook will only be the first step on the way to the movie. This is of course " Zukunftsmusik" , but we have taken the first steps, we're on our way, and lets see, where it will take us.
As a matter of fact, I created this blog mainly to post the progress, the sketches, the entire development and you will see this project happen right here before your very eyes, you will even be able to read the comicbook, online. I have no idea yet, how that is going to work technically , but we will find a way.
Well, I'm going to leave you on that bombshell, go and spread the news, don't forget to tune in next time,
Seeya, H


At 5:06 PM, Blogger Nick Sung said...

This is great stuff you're involved with, Harald--I look forward to watching your project progess!

At 7:36 PM, Blogger chris said...

Congratulations with this start. Now is Alfred online and can we contact him! "Alfred in the 21 century"!
I hope we see often drawnings of old and new creations.
Alfred, I put you in my favourits-list!

At 11:54 PM, Blogger Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Wow! It's great to hear all the plans with Alfred, especially the charity. Although I can't wait for the comic strip, or the film, the use of the character for the greater good is definitly amazing.

- Benjamin

At 12:33 PM, Blogger brigitte said...

Dear Harald,
I hope my English was good enough to understand all yopur infomraitons.
Linz is my home-town, and I'm looking forward to what it's going on there with the "Klangwolke". I hope to get very much informations, so I can plan my holidays around this great event.
Harald, will you also be there? And please tell me: Is it possible to buy an original painting (I hope it's the right word) from you. I think of "Mr. Ustinov". I'm working at a "Hospiz", and I dont't know the right English word for ist. In my new office it would look very beautiful.
Hope, you could understand all that I worte, and I tell you, like chris did: You are also in my favourits list. Harald, hope to see you sometimes, it would be a great pleasure.
Have a nice weekend,

At 11:05 AM, Blogger HaraldSiepermann said...

Hallo Brigitte, ich glaub, wir können Deutsch reden .
Ich freu mich, daß Dir diie Seite gefällt, ich weiß och nicht, ob ich in Linz sein werde, ich weiß auch noch gar nicht, das genaue Datum. Das wird hier aber alles zu gegebener Zeit stehen.
Was das Original angeht ...sowas gibt es ja im digitalen Zeitalter gar nicht mehr wirklich, sind ja alles bits und bites.
Aber wir können Folgendes tun : Wir drucken das Ganze aus, Herman und ich werden es signieren und statt uns zu bezahlen, verbindest du das mit einer Spende nach Deinem Ermessen an Unicef, wie wäre das ?
Lass mich wissen, was du davon hälst, Grüße, Harald

At 11:15 AM, Blogger HaraldSiepermann said...

...oder fürs Alfred Jodocus Kwakhaus, was Dir lieber ist !


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