Sunday, October 16, 2005

The original treatment of the first TV-episode, written and conceived by Herman van Veen.
Legend has it, that he dictated the whole series in the car driving from one concert to the next.

From there it would come to us, Hans and I would work on the characters, props and settings, then a very nice Japanese gentleman, Mr. Akira Miyazake, would write the skripts. He had a biggest name in the production as a TV-writer , he was in his 70's and we got along very nicely, I liked him a lot. It was his first time as a writer for animation, so he would handle the characters as if they were real people, that's why he was hired for the job in the first place.
I would then go over the storyboards again, mostly to hear, that it was too late for changes, I would do additional characters, etc.
Once the production was up and running, they would produce one episode a week, even when the series was already on air.
They even dubbed 26 minutes of animation in 26 minutes. I saw that once, it was like an oldtime radioshow. Like Gerald McBoing Boing...


At 9:02 PM, Blogger Ludovic said...

Dear Mr Spiermann,

Thank you so much for these memories about the making of the superb animated series that "Alfred J. Kwak" (Ahiru no Kwak) was ! It's always great to learn more about the different approaches on story telling between japanese and european artists.

A few remarks, though :

=>Mr. Akira Miyazake, would write the scripts.

It's Akira MiyazakI, of course. :-)

=>he was in his 70's

60's, actually. ;-)

=>It was his first time as a writer for animation

Ow, I don't think so. He was already well known for scripts written for anime like "The adventure of Tom Sawyer (Nippon Animation, 1980), "Katri, Girl of the Meadows" (Nippon Animation, 1984) or "Little Women" (Nippon Animation, 1987),"Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics" (Nippon Animation, 1987).

Thank you again !


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