Thursday, October 20, 2005

Guten Morgen 5

The same edition of "Pierrot" featured an article about crop-circles...

Henk started out as a tiny sidecharacter , whose mere job it was to give Kwak an estimate on the costs of the Greatwaterland-channel in the original theatershow from 1977.
When Herman handed me "onder water", another play he had written about herings, to rework it as Kwak's 2nd adventure,"Vissen in troubel water", I brought him back as Kwak's permanent partner. I always found the size-difference of the two very rewarding, visually.
When we concieved the TV-series, Herman introduced the idea that Henk should even have been Johan's, Alfred's father's, best buddy and later become even Alfred's foster-father. A great idea.
In the first episode he even became the matchmaker of Alfred's parents, and therefore responsible for Alfred's very existence. What a carreer...

In a perfect world, and if I could have had it my way, Hanns Dieter Hüsch would have been Henk's voice.


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again- great stories..


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