Saturday, October 22, 2005


Inspired by the great success of Kwak with children and his talent to communicate difficult social and society-issues in a simple but not simplifying way to kids, the Dutch schoolministry approached us in the early 90's to do a couple of books about current issues of that time.
The above drawing is from "Propvol" which dealt with overpopulation of the 3rd world and it's reasons in the 1rst world.
On this picture we see a lady-vulture, who has been working as a cropduster most of her life, and had to give it up for health-reasons. You can see her allergic reactions at the tip of her beak, the cricket is a collector of folksongs and -lore, which rapidly vanish from the face of the earth,and in the back your typicall indifferent king and queen. Do I have to point out the beautiful markermagic of Hans Bacher ? The story was written by Bies van Ede, Jacques Weijters and Herman van Veen.


At 4:16 AM, Blogger Kat said...

Nice post! I do agree the marker use is wonderful by Hans. I couldn't tell if it was digital or not (sigh* I always tend to think things are digital these days). I appreciate natural media more because it is less forgiving.


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