Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Prof Paljass von Unternull

I always saw Prof. Paljass as a caricature of Peter Ustinov. We even asked him to do the voice but he declined , saying he would only do maincharacters.
The German name "von Unternull" ( below zero) is a reference to Wernher von Braun, the German rocket-engineer , who started out building rockets for the nazis and later brought Apollo 11 to the moon. ( Hence yesterday's little poem by Tom Lehrer). His character first appeared, in "Onder Water" a theatershow, written by Herman, which we later rewrote to " Vissen in trouble water /Fish and Ships". In this show he still had a German accent and an assitent, a penguin by the name of Fahrenheit. So is there a dark spot in Paljass' history ? I love to think so....
Eventually Herman did the voice himself in the TV-Series, which put his voice under a lot of stress, and I remember him saying, he would never do dubbing again.
The Professor's mentor by the way, is the legendary scientist and genius, worldexplorer and organist Prof. Prokudatis Krakedatus, whose diary is still in the professor's safekeeping. I wrote a lot of that backhistory down for volume 4 of the comicbooks, which I never finished....too much work with the TV-series...Maybe some day we'll find the time and right place.


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